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About us

Albert House Nursing Home was started about 50 years ago as a Children’s Home in the end house of a Victorian terrace of five in a quiet side street of Weston-super-Mare near to the main town centre, the sea front, two Parks and just round the corner from two small streets of shops known locally as Whitecross Village. Weston developed in the late 1800’s on the sand dunes flanking the miles of marvellous beaches of North Somerset as a weekend holiday area for the affluent residents of Bristol, which is about 25 miles to our north just over the Mendip Hills. Right from the beginning, the Home has been family owned and the current owners acquired it in 1995. By this time the Home had grown to having 20 bedrooms which were all singles and all had hand basins but only 3 had en-suite toilets and none had their own showers. Also it was thought it would be nicer if bedrooms could be made a bit larger and if possible beds moved from the walls and more room made available for wheelchairs and hoists.

It was decided that the underlying design criteria should be “light and space” so that people would not feel they were cooped up indoors. It was realised we could preserve  the beautifully-proportioned Victorian Bath stone front facade with its generous bay windows if we moved the interior walls to give new room layouts, wider corridors and room doors and built extra rooms to the rear.  Also we made an eco-friendly green roof  and have lots of Velux skylights to keep areas pleasantly cool in summer with lots of light. We are proud of our 38-bed nursing home and hope you enjoy your stay and that it feels like home.

edited: November 17th, 2018