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Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen if my condition suddenly worsens?
Our staff are trained to deal with all types of medical emergencies and are highly qualified to look after the needs of all our residents. However, if necessary, we are able to call a doctor or an ambulance very quickly because we have liaison arrangements with them and they are nearby.
Are all care homes registered and thoroughly inspected?
Yes, all care homes must comply with the law and with the registering Authority’s own guidelines in order to guarantee a high standard of care (see CQC Report).
Does every resident receive a care plan?
Every incoming resident is assessed prior to admission to make sure we can provide the best care for their needs, family and friends are often involved in this. An individual care plan is then created which sets out how staff will meet the needs of the Resident. Care plans are reviewed regularly.
How much will it cost?
The price of moving into a care home is different for everyone, however we accept council rates or self funding, we will be happy to discuss current rates and assist you with who to approach concerning Local Authority support.
What is the visiting policy?
There is no restriction. Your family and friends can come to see you anytime you like, and continue to be involved in your care if that is what you want. Guests can have a meal with you by prior arrangement. Tea and coffee making facilities are available from the kitchen and from a machine in lounge 1. A donation system is in operation, which goes towards the Residents activities..
How can I arrange a look around Albert House?
Please ring us on 01934-622869 and we will be happy to show you around and chat, with no commitment of course.
How do I know that the time is right to move to a care home?
Deciding to move into a care home, or realising that your loved ones can no longer manage at home, is a very difficult decision to make. It is a very personal choice, but there are ways to make this easier, for example coming in for a short respite period and discussing options with your family or your doctor.
I enjoy my freedom and I am worried about losing my independence.
At Albert House, we encourage our residents to be as independent and social as they wish. Meals can be taken in rooms or in the dining room and activities can be joined or not. Most important Albert House provides a safe and caring environment.
Can I customise my room?
Certainly, small furniture, pictures, electronic equipment and decorations may be brought in to provide a familiar and personal feel to the room.
Will I have my own room?
Yes In Albert House we only have single rooms. Staff and visitors will not enter your room unless invited by you. Your room is your personal space.
Is there anywhere for relatives to stay?
Our homes do not have a permanent facility for visitors to stay overnight, however there may be circumstances when the management would accommodate such a request if a spare room is available.
What are the arrangements for having a shower or bath?
We have showers in every ensuite and a bathroom with a hi/lo bath.
Are there hairdressing facilities?
Yes. We have a visiting hairdresser operating in our own salon. If you wish to continue to use your own hairdresser this can also be arranged.
What laundry facilities are there?
We provide a laundry service. Bed linen is always changed regularly. Personal clothing will be labelled and laundered.
Do you cater for special diets?
Every effort will be made to meet your medical and cultural needs. We have at least 2 main dish choices for lunch and tea. Special diets catered for include diabetic, vegetarian, lower fat, ethnic, kosher, milk free, reducing, soft and pureed, halal, egg free, Afro-Caribbean, gluten free and moderate free.
Is there a choice of menu?
Albert House has a great choice of menu. Likes and dislikes about food can be raised at resident’s meetings and discussed with you on admission.
How flexible are mealtimes?
We try to be as flexible as possible for all meals. Arrangements can be made if you want to go out and are unable to return in time for a meal. You can choose to miss a meal or request a snack at another time.
Does the home have a shop?
No, but our home keeps small items for sale, e.g. toiletries and stationery.
Can I become involved with chores around the home?
Yes. We want you to feel at home. You can tell one of the staff what help you want to give. Your bedroom is your private area, and although staff are employed to keep your room clean, you may prefer to do this yourself.
Can I retain links with local community?
Yes, we can arrange transport and places that may be of interest, including attending special groups and churches. We want you to carry on your lifestyle as if you are living in your own home. If you need any help let us know.
What about outings and activities?
Our home arranges outings and activities in which you can take part. We also arrange regular entertainment e.g. firework displays, barbecues etc. Your suggestions are always welcome.
Can I bring my pet with me?
This is usually left to the discretion of the other residents and the manager, but dogs are not possible. Our home has a house cat called Frank. Each request has to be looked at individually.
Can I keep my own GP?
Yes, providing that your GP agrees. It is a good idea to discuss this with your GP before you move in. Our staff will also be of assistance if you need to change.
Can I look after my own medicine?
Yes, or if you want us to look after it we will. Sometimes your doctor may recommend that you let us deal with this for you.
What happens if I become ill?
You will continue to be looked after in the home if you fall ill. Should you have to enter hospital, then your room will be kept available while you are there.
Can I leave the home for holiday periods?
You can arrange to go on holiday, stay with family or friends, just as you did previously.
How is the home staffed?
We employ skilled and experienced staff in the home to provide a 24-hour service, 7 days a week. Our home has a matron, deputy matron, other trained nurses, carers, domestic staff, kitchen staff and administration staff.
Can I voice my opinion?
Yes. We encourage all our residents to voice their opinions. You will be asked to complete questionnaires. There is a suggestion box near the front door and we are always keen to hear your ideas and suggestions as to how we can improve the service we provide.
How can I make a complaint?
Anybody who wishes to comment or complain should ask to discuss the matter with the senior nurse on duty in order to resolve any misunderstandings and to take immediate action to rectify the situation. This person will make a record of any such complaints. If this avenue proves unsatisfactory then you can ask to see the owner (Adrian Esland), who will also make a record of your concerns. If you are still unhappy about the situation you can contact the Care Quality Commission or in a safeguarding or abuse incident direct to ISA. All complaints are taken seriously and are fully investigated.
Will there be facilities for making phone calls?
You may have your own telephone installed in your room at your expense if you wish. We can also lend you one of the office wireless phones when they are free. If you receive an incoming call a wireless handset will be brought to you.
Can I send and receive emails?
Yes. Incoming emails (please put FOR XXX in the subject line) will be printed out and brought to you just like ordinary mail. Please send to info@yeomancare.co.uk. Replies can also be sent out.

edited: February 15th, 2017