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Resident’s Charter

interaction-1The aim of our Resident’s Charter is to describe the standards and quality of service a resident should expect to receive, and to ensure that the services provided meet the needs and wishes of the resident.

It is intended that services provided by Albert House centre upon the rights, wishes and aspirations of the resident. Implicit in the Charter is the commitment to enable residents to maintain access to the full range of entitlements enjoyed by all members of society.

We at Albert House are committed to providing services on an individual basis, ensuring that wherever possible residents receive a service that meets their needs, choices and aspirations.

The following shows the standards that our residents can expect to receive in Albert House:

You can expect to be involved and told what’s happening at every stage of your care

  • You will always be involved in discussions about your care and treatment, and your privacy and dignity will be respected by all staff.
  • You will be given opportunities, encouragement and support to promote your independence.
  • You will be able to agree or reject any type of examination, care, treatment or support before you receive it.

You can expect care, treatment and support that meets your needs

  • Your personal needs will be assessed to make sure you get care that is safe and supports your rights.
  • You will get the food and drink you need to meet your dietary needs.
  • You will get safe and coordinated care where more than one care provider is involved or if you are moved between services.

You can expect to be safe

  • You will be protected from abuse or the risk of abuse, and staff will respect your human rights.
  • You will be cared for in a clean environment where you are protected from infection.
  • You will get the medicines you need, when you need them, and in a safe way.
  • You will be cared for in a safe and accessible place that will help you as you recover.
  • You will not be harmed by unsafe or unsuitable equipment.

You can expect to be cared for by qualified staff

  • Your health and welfare needs are met by staff that is properly qualified.
  • There will always be enough members of staff available to keep you safe and meet your health and welfare needs.
  • You will be looked after by staff that is well managed and have the chance to develop and improve their skills.

You can expect your care provider to constantly check the quality of its services

  • Your care provider will continuously monitor the quality of its services to make sure you are safe.
  • If you or someone acting on your behalf makes a complaint, you will be listened to and it will be acted upon properly.
  • Your personal records, including medical records, will be accurate and kept safe and confidential.

At Albert House you can also expect:

  • To have your affairs dealt with confidentially and to have your privacy respected.
  • You will be treated with courtesy and addressed as you wish.
  • You may continue to use your own doctor if preferred (and if possible).
  • To receive all forms of care in private if you wish, including medical treatment, bathing and use of toilet facilities.
  • You may receive visitors at any reasonable time.
  • You may have access to a telephone at any time and use it privately if you wish.
  • You may make complaints, suggestions and meet and discuss any part of your care either formally or informally. We can also provide you with Government complaint hotlines, e.g. CQC, if you prefer.
  • To have a Contract of Residence (private residents only), a brochure and Service User Guide prior to admission.

Above all, we hope you enjoy your stay with us!

edited: February 19th, 2014