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Occupational Therapy & Visits

All residents will be encouraged to take part in a variety of activities provided on a regular basis. Although the home will offer the opportunity to participate in leisure pursuits and activities for groups of residents, such as outings and special parties, they will also be encouraged to pursue individual interests in their own way, with appropriate support. Every effort will be made to find new and interesting activities which will be reviewed and changed on a regular basis, unless residents decide otherwise.

We aim to use a variety of settings, other than the home, to stimulate interests and integrate residents into the wider community. We aim for the activities to be wide ranging and where possible make use of local facilities within Weston.

All leisure activities are included in the fees, except during outings when purchases are paid for by the Residents, e.g. cream teas or at garden centers.

T hairdresser, visits weekly and the Chiropodist, comes at least every six weeks. Both these are charged back at cost. Appointments with a visiting Dentist or Optician can be arranged. Residents may also be taken to appointments in town or to a hospital, etc. if necessary but the wages and travelling expenses of any staff member involved will be charged for the time they are away from the Home as we normally have to bring another staff member in to replace them.

We provide free activities on a daily basis and a schedule of the planned activities is displayed in the Dining Room. These include weekly visits by singers and every 2 weeks an Aroma Therapist uses essential oils to do hand and face massages.

Residents are encouraged to join in with the planned activities but whether they do so or not is entirely their own choice.

All residents are encouraged to go out into the courtyard gardens in good weather. Also many like being taken out for an escorted walk (or a ride in a wheelchair) to the park or the shops etc. Visitors are always encouraged to take residents out if they want to and wheel chairs are available. Visitors (including children and pets) are welcome at all times, our Home was one of the first to sign up to John’s Campaign to allow free access to Residents at anytime (see News).

edited: February 15th, 2017