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Medical Care

For many of our residents there is normally a deterioration of the brain function with age (usually rather unkindly termed “dementia”) and most of our residents will have some degree of this state. The main symptoms are memory loss, disorientation, confusion, behavioural changes, etc. all of which can be coped with in a gentle way in 24 hour stable care surroundings unless the person is one of the very small percentage of people who display really noisy verbal and physical abuse in which case, we would not be able to accept them.

Once the client has been admitted they may keep their own GP if they are still in the catchment area for that surgery. Albert House also has its own designated GP surgery (Clarence Park Surgery) and any new client can always be accepted by this surgery. The advantage of this system is that a GP from that surgery makes a special visit to the Home at least every fortnight and will automatically see any patient on their list that the nurses decided might benefit from a check-up. Also they make a special visit every 6 months to do a complete review of the medication regime of all the patients on their list. Of course they will also make an emergency visit to a patient whenever the Home makes a request for them to do so.

A formal Care Review will be done four weeks after entry for all residents who are part funded by the Local Authority to decide whether their placement in Albert House is correct and the best one for them. It will be conducted by the resident’s nominated Social Worker and their designated carer/next of kin/advocate will be invited to attend plus the Nurse in Charge. Any concerns, complaints, likes and dislikes plus a future plan of care etc., can all be discussed at the review but, of course, we would hope that any complaint will have been resolved before this review takes place. Until this review takes place the placement is regarded as temporary and only one weeks notice is required to withdraw the resident from the Home. After the review the placement is classified as permanent and one month’s notice of withdrawal would be required. Therefore it is essential that the resident, the designated relative,


edited: February 15th, 2017