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Here you will find a selection of comments made about Albert House. If you wish us to add your own comments please do give them to us and we will upload them to the website.

Testimonial from carehome.co.uk (with permission):
Submitted by Peter G (Son of Resident/Service User) on Sunday 19 April 2015. Review relates to March 2015.

My Mother spent a happy month in the Albert House towards the end of her life. At all times the care was positive and professional. Visitors could visit at any time which was very convenient. Internally the premises were extremely modern and up-to-date. Overall, a friendly family atmosphere. Everybody who visited Mum who was a 100 commented favourably on the staff and facilities.

How likely would you be to recommend Albert House Nursing Home? Extremely likely

Testimonial from carehome.co.uk (with permission):
Submitted by Joy Rachel Hörwarter (Daughter of Resident/Service User) on Sunday 17 August 2014.

I wish to recommend Albert House for the high standards of care which they gave my mother during the last two months of her life. As I live in Austria, it was very comforting for me, to know I was reassured she was in the best place possible. I could phone day or night & receive kind, helpful answers about my mother. From the first day on, when I visited spontaneously to get information, the owner Sally Esland greeted me with a friendly smile & took time to chat & inform me. The house is beautifully decorated, it has a welcoming atmosphere & the staff are always friendly & willing to assist. The food is delicious, the kitchen can cope well with dietary needs (mother needed a gluten free diet). My husband & I were very impressed, not just for the way my mother was cared for, but also how we were dealt with, at what was an emotionally difficult time. The special interest in the individual resident, is apparent. Visitors are welcome & encouraged. Many thanks again, to all the staff for your (loving) professional care. We were able to share very precious time together with mother, it helps me now, to know that she died peacefully without any pain, surrounded by her loved ones.

Testimonial from carehome.co.uk (with permission):
Submitted by Lyn C (Daughter of Resident/Service User) on Friday 17 January 2014.

Albert House deserves recognition for the wonderful care and compassion, professional attitude, and love shown to the residents. Mum was given gold standard treatment by all the staff from October 2013 until sadly she died on 13/12/13. The home itself is spotlessly clean and welcoming. Mum’s friend who visited everyday was given a hot meal each time (over and above anyone’s expectations)!! A truly caring and compassionate home.

Testimonial from carehome.co.uk (with permission):
Submitted by Pat Armstrong (Daughter of Resident/Service User) on Friday 18 October 2013.

My mum Julia (Queen) was taken ill whilst on holiday at my sister’s, after a three week period we were told she was near the end of life, so we had to put her into care, a thing we as a family had always promised not to do. After many tears we put her into the care of Albert House. From the first day my mum was made welcome, shelves were put up for her little nick nacks and photos,she was made to feel that this room was HER ROOM and she was not in unfamiliar surroundings.The staff soon came to know and love my Mum’s scouse humour and occasional song ,and my mum lived for another sixteen months re-writing all previous medical reports. This turn around in her health was due to the outstanding care and attention given to her by each and every member of staff, from the owners -Matron-Senior nursing staff -Carers -Catering staff – Cleaners and Laundry staff and of course my Mum’s determination ,thank you also for always making me so welcome when I came from Liverpool,a friendly smile and a nice cup of tea.On behalf of all Julia’s family God Bless you all and thank you so very much. PAT xxx

Testimonial from carehome.co.uk (with permission):
Submitted by Geraldine Kelly (Daughter of Resident/Service User) on Wednesday 16 October 2013.

My mum was a resident for a few weeks before she died in April. She was so happy when she was told that she would be able to spend her last weeks in Albert House rather than in hospital. The staff are helpful and kind and have so much patience it is admirable. Visitors are welcome at any time for as long as they wish to stay. The cleanliness is top notch and there is no unpleasant odor which is often noticeable in other care homes of this kind. Although mum did not eat very much during her time there she was constantly offered meals, snacks and drinks. Little treats like ice-cream were given regularly and enjoyed. The catering staff go out of their way to encourage residents to eat, even if it is something that is not on the menu but something they have a fancy for. Can’t praise Albert House enough.

Testimonial from carehome.co.uk (with permission):
Review of Albert House Nursing Home on Wednesday 28 August 2013 by Margaret Williams (Daughter of resident)

Visitors can call at any time and we have never encountered anything by kindness, good organization and a homely atmosphere. Albert House is clean but comfortable. There is always someone available to help with anything we need.

Following several strokes my mother developed dementia and my wife and I had the difficult task of choosing a nursing home for her whilst not living close enough to be able to assess and monitor the care she was likely to be given.

We selected a number of nursing homes to look at and as luck would have it Albert House was the first one we looked at. Following our visit and discussions with the matron we looked no further.

Albert House, and the staff who work there, provide a safe and secure environment for my mother and I am confident that she is receiving the best possible care. All of the staff always seem to be very caring and really try to make the residents as comfortable as possible. It is not an easy job.

Although we did not know it when we chose Albert House, it has the well deserved reputation for being the best nursing home in Weston, something I can completely understand.

I have no hesitation in recommending Albert House to anybody who is looking for a professionally run nursing home which is still small enough to care! Well done.

Testimonial from carehome.co.uk (with permission):
Review of Albert House Nursing Home, Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset by Sheila Simpson (Wife of resident)
Wednesday 26 June 2013

My husband has been in Albert House since May 10th. I visited Albert House unannounced before during my search for a nursing home for him. I was immediately impressed by the cleanliness and welcoming atmosphere. I was invited to look around. I decided on that first visit that this was the kind of home I wanted for him. I was impressed by the general facilities in the home and in the residents rooms. Each room is well furnished and is en-suite; my husband has very limited mobility and he is provided with any facility he requires such as airflow beds and chairs. His physical and mental needs are met at all times The staff have been kind and caring without exception. He is treated with respect and dignity. He is comfortable and happy. I feel relaxed when I leave him knowing that he is cared for so well.

Overall Standard: Excellent Care / Support: Excellent Treated with Dignity: Excellent
Staff: Excellent Management: Excellent Rooms: Excellent
Facilities: Excellent Cleanliness: Excellent Food & Drink: Excellent
Activities: Excellent Safety / Security: Excellent Value for Money: Excellent

I write to thank you and your staff – nursing, cooking, laundry, administration and so many other areas that I know nothing about but all of which contributed so much to my husband’s well being and which made his life so much more comfortable. It was hard to see so active and vibrant a man seeming to accept a way of life that was so completely alien to him but nevertheless we always felt that he was most comfortable and indeed happy at Albert House – more so than we could have possibly hoped for. Happy Christmas to all the staff and many thanks for all the care and attention given to Mum.Happy Christmas to everyone involved in caring for Kathleen… with our best wishes and heartfelt thanks for your loving care…

Wishing all the staff a Happy Christmas, you all so deserve it. We would like to say thank you so very much for taking such good care of Mum while she was with you, we are so thankful to have found such a lovely Home with equally lovely people.

To all the staff at Albert House: We just want to say many thanks for looking after Dad so well during his stay with you and all the help, kindness and support you gave us when he sadly passed away. To all the staff that I had the pleasure of meeting and all those behind the scenes that are not seen but all do such a great job; I will always remember you, many thanks again. I hope I can think all of you as friends. God bless you all.

To Matron and all your wonderful staff: We just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all the care you gave to Betty whilst she was staying with you. We haven’t seen her looking so well for a long time and really appreciate the kindness all of you have shown her. You are a fantastic team and if there had been any way Betty could have stayed at Albert House as a permanent resident we would have been delighted – as you know, Betty herself, really wanted to stay with you all. A special mention to Natasha – we will miss your cheerful smile. Thank you for the time you have spent with us – just having someone to discuss our concerns with has helped us enormously. You run a fantastic Home and we can’t thank you all enough for all that you have done; with kind regards and all our best wishes to you all.

To Adrian, Sally Matron and all the lovely gals and boys of Albert House: Thank you so much for your contribution in what I regard as the best time of my life. I will never forget you all.

Are you having to confront the agonising decision to place a loved one into a care home, whether for respite or long-term care, and if so, where to find a good home? The dilemma has probably not been helped by the shocking revelations in a national newspaper, the “Daily Mail”, and may cause one to consider a decision with some trepidation. Nevertheless, whilst some dreadful homes have been closed down, it must be kept in mind that some really good care homes do exist. So give “Albert House Nursing Home” a call on 01934-622869 and arrange a visit. New residents, relatives and visitors can be sure a warm welcome awaits them. It is a lovely home with caring and considerate staff at all levels. The en-suite rooms are kept warm, clean and comfortable, as are the lounges where residents can get together to relax and enjoy entertainment, television and refreshments. Residents’ health care is overseen by senior trained nurses e.g. Matron, Deputy Matron and other R.G.N’s on duty supported by teams of care assistants. Albert House is a very nice Home, give them a call!

Dear Sally and Adrian: I am writing to express my deep gratitude for all the care your wonderful staff gave to my mother in the last year of her life. When she arrived at Albert House last year, following a stroke and a bad attack of shingles she was in a sorry state. Following the care from your excellent staff and Matron she was able to lead as comfortable a life as she could possibly expect bearing in mind her physical limitations. Mother declined in the last six days of her life and during that time the level of care was exemplary. Please pass my thanks to Cathy, Jan and Zodwa. My congratulations to you both on running such a first class Nursing Home.

To Sally, Adrian, Cathy, Jan and all your lovely staff who took fantastic care of Mum. It was very well appreciated. We know she was loved by everyone who knew her. We miss her terribly.

Dear Matron, Doctors, Nurses, Carers and all concerned with my stay in your care. I could not have wished for better attention.

To Matron and all the staff of Albert House: Thank you so much for the care you gave Sheila during the last three months.

To all the staff at Albert House: We would like to thank you for taking care of Diane in her last few weeks of life. We realise how difficult it was at times but she passed away peacefully.

To all staff in Albert House: Many thanks for having Jack for 2 weeks care. You all do a wonderful job.

We want to express our deep gratitude to you and all the staff at Albert House for everything you did for Mum. She was made very welcome and as comfortable as humanly possible. It was always a pleasure to visit the home with it’s happy and caring atmosphere. You were all a tremendous help to us at a very difficult time and we can’t thank you enough! Truly Albert House is very special.

Season’s Greetings to Sally, Adrian, Matron and all the staff and residents of Albert House: Thank you for the care you gave to John and the support you gave me.

To Adrian, Sally, Matron and all staff: Our grateful thanks to you all for all the love and care given to Bert so readily. We won’t forget the many kindnesses shown.

To Sally and all the staff at Albert House: Our whole family wish to extend our thanks in appreciation for all you have done, and continue doing, to give Mum a good quality of care, love and affection. Also for the extra efforts put in to help celebrate her 90th Birthday – please also thank the chef for the lovely cake. It was a day to remember.

I am writing to thank you and all the staff at Albert House for everything you all did for my father to make his last two months as comfortable as possible. I know that this wasn’t always easy, he was quite demanding at times in wanting things done a certain way and he had a problem in not being able to see properly. Everyone was very patient and just took it in their stride. It’s a great comfort to know that he was so well looked after and that he was genuinely cared for.

Thank you all for the kindness and help that Belinda received whilst she was with you at Albert House. I know she was really happy there and thought of it as home. My mother and I were always greeted warmly when we came to visit her and felt we could go home knowing she was safe and well looked after.

edited: July 8th, 2015