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Staff Training

Generally young Nursing Auxiliary Staff who take the “Care” career path usually begin with no training and often have limited experience, for example perhaps helping a relative at home.

Upon entering Albert House all Staff  immediately start a comprehensive program of outside and in-house training.  Outside training is mostly provided by North Somerset Council and is accredited, e.g. First Aid. Other specialist training is used when needed, especially for our Trained Nurses, for example in medication, wound care etc, which updates their knowledge usually gained in hospitals.

Albert House encourages staff development and pays extra when its completed, so our staff are very highly trained compare to other Homes:

  • 4 staff have passed HSC/NVQ 4 or Level 5 (2 RGN’s)
  • 7 other Registered Nurses
  • 12 staff have passed HSC/NVQ Level 3
  • 11 staff have passed HSC/NVQ Level 2

Further we have a full training program provided by Aged Care Channel, with programs filmed in actual care homes. Our Staff watched, and were tested on hundreds of hours of  training over the past year. Currently Albert House have over 60 different training courses covering every aspect of care, so training is continuous, especially when refreshers are also necessary.

edited: February 15th, 2017